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We use counter- and alternative narratives focused on the political ideology of ‘political Salafiyya’, which can lead to violent extremism and consequently terrorism. The examples and methods that we use are based on al-aqida, fiqh, manhaj, pedagogy, history, civic education, and human rights.

Our school is a multicultural flagship school in the city of Antwerp. Our students represent more than 60 nationalities. Our teaching staff also boasts great diversity.

BOUNCE is a package of three interconnected and complementary tools (BOUNCEyoung, BOUNCEalong and BOUNCEup) targeting youngsters and their social environment.

The main focus of the Advice Centre Hesse is to intervene in the radicalisation process. Targeted deradicalisation activities are aimed at people who tend to travel to war zones, return to Germany as ‘foreign fighters’ and/or are seeking to disengage from extremist ideologies.

The suggested practice is a long-distance education programme for Finnish children living in the al-Hol refugee camp in northern Syria that was conducted by the Finnish government between May 2020 and mid- 2021.

The GOT Project comprises a series of fully-resourced formal and informal sequential educational programmes and resources which challenge all forms of extremism and violent extremism. The target audience ranges from primary-age school children to youth and adults.

The Preventive Policing Unit of the Helsinki Police Department consists of 4 teams that use preventive measures on their respective fields.

Terrorist recruiters are successful because their ideologies and actions resonate with youth when they are most vulnerable. At a time with they question the unfairness of the world, or feel alone, unheard or persecuted.

The main goal of the Aggredi programme is to reduce violence or stop it completely on an individual level. Another important objective is to develop working methods for use with community violence offenders.

The CCA-Method is a co-developed strategic communication methodology used in situations where young people are influenced by narratives that are potential threats to our shared democratic values.

The Cooperation Network – Living Together Safely has been revived in 2020 and was originally established by the German Islam Conference (DIK) in March 2008, earlier known as ‘Clearing Office for Preventive Cooperation’.