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Augsburg’s network for the prevention of radicalisation

Target Audience
First responders or practitionersFamiliesLocal community organisations/NGOs
key themes association
Local strategies/citiesMulti-agency cooperation


The LPC connects Augsburg’s practitioners on prevention

Its objective is to prevent crime, but also to enhance the sense of safety in public spaces for Augsburg’s citizens and visitors. The mayor of Augsburg, Eva Weber, chairs its steering committee.

Currently, 10 Working Groups tackle issues such as graffiti, substance abuse and civic courage. Augsburg’s network for the prevention of radicalisation is one of these Working Groups.

The executive board of the LPC is located at the Office for Local Prevention in the municipality.

Type of Organisation: Governmental institution

Project description

The City of Augsburg has been working on the prevention of (religiously inspired) radicalisation since 2011. In cooperation with the Bavarian Ministry for Social Affairs, the pilot project “Cross-linked in Augsburg-Oberhausen” was set up in 2012 at city-quarter level.

The aim was to explain the phenomenon of radicalisation to all stakeholders and practitioners working in this city quarter. In 2016, the network was expanded citywide as well.

The shared goal of the network members is for all actors in Augsburg to be sensitised to the signs of radicalisation, meaning they are aware of the push-and-pull factors influencing radicalisation processes, as well as of available helplines and information centres.

Risk and protection factors and environments fostering violent radicalisation are taken into account when developing prevention measures. This practice has led to multiple other projects in the City of Augsburg.


  • Local action plan (under development)
  • Film: A new, happy life?
  • Theatre play: Krass! (Young Theatre Augsburg), in cooperation with, offering training for teachers and workshops for students
  • Training module ‘Mädchen mischen mit’ (Empowerment of girls)
  • ‘Project 264 – Knowledge is Queen’ (Empowerment of girls)
  • Implementation of the projects BOUNCE (by Arktos) and MotherSchools (by Women without borders)
  • Case management

Contact details


Local Prevention Council Augsburg (LPC)
Bahnhofstraße 18 1/3
86150 Augsburg

Contact person: Diana Schubert
Telephone: +49 8213243309
Email | Website

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26 MAY 2021
Augsburg’s network for the prevention of radicalisation
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