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This is a table-top exercise centred on a hypothetical counter terrorism scenario which stimulates debate around the sensitive subject of terrorism. Decisions taken by the participants will shape the way the incident is investigated.

Advice Centre Hesse — Religious Tolerance instead of Extremism

The main focus of the Advice Centre Hesse is to intervene in the radicalisation process. Targeted deradicalisation activities are aimed at people who tend to travel to war zones, return to Germany as ‘foreign fighters’ and/or are seeking to disengage from extremist ideologies.

Against Violent Extremism (AVE)

Against Violent Extremism (AVE) is a network that aims to provide a platform for former violent extremists and survivors of violence to connect with each other to share ideas, collaborate, and identify partners and resources to find ways of amplifying their initiatives and message...

Aggredi programme

The main goal of the Aggredi’ programme is to reduce violence or stop it completely on an individual level. Another important objective is to develop working methods for use with community violence offenders.


In response to social unrest related to riots in France, the Danish cartoons and the release of the Geert Wilders film Fitna, the Dutch National Police build up a network of Allies in the cities of Utrecht and Almere.


Archer is a consequence management exercise designed to bring together key strategic partners to help them improve their understanding and communication in the wake of a spontaneous counter terrorism arrest.

Athena-syntax Where Art and Education Meet

Our school is a multicultural flagship school in the city of Antwerp. Our students represent more than 60 nationalities. Our teaching staff also boasts great diversity.

Augsburg’s network for the prevention of radicalisation

The City of Augsburg has been working on the prevention of (religiously inspired) radicalisation since 2011. In cooperation with the Bavarian Ministry for Social Affairs, the pilot project “Cross-linked in Augsburg-Oberhausen” was set up in 2012 at city-quarter level.

Aussteigerprogramm Islamismus, NRW (Exit-programme Islamism, NRW)

The Aussteigerprogramm Islamismus (‘Exit-programme Islamism’) is an offer for those who want to leave the Islamist communities. The clients are highly radicalised, based in an extremist context, and most are or have been classified as security relevant by public authorities.

Awake the World

Awake the World aims to counter radical and violent extremism through online and offline actions. We challenge religion- or culture-based prejudices, promote tolerance and social coexistence, actively counter islamophobia, and employ social networks in a bid to raise awareness.

AWARE – mental health awareness in the justice system

Guidelines released by the Council of Europe in November 2019 recommend that prison staff and probation practitioners receive basic training, which raises awareness of the mental health needs of convicted persons, including information on sources of wider support.

Bachelor and Graduate

Operation Bachelor and Operation Graduate are two discussion exercises developed by the ACPO Prevent Delivery Unit to help the police engage with representatives from the further and higher education sector.

Back on Track

This programme is designed for inmates and remand prisoners charged with or convicted of terrorism and/or inmates vulnerable to radicalisation.