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‘Orostelefonen’ – Save the Children’s National Radicalisation Support line

Target Audience
Youth/pupils/studentsFamiliesLocal community organisations/NGOs
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(Early) preventionFamily support
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Save the Children Sweden is a democratic, non-governmental organisation independent of all political and religious affiliations that fights for children’s rights. We stimulate opinion, influence decision-makers and support children in vulnerable situations. Everything we do is based on children’s rights, from the child’s perspective and their reality. Our trustworthiness is born of our meetings with and initiatives for children.

We want to see a world in which every child’s right to life and development, security and protection, and to participation and influence, is satisfied. Our values are based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

Save the Children Sweden has been engaged in preventive work against radicalisation and violent extremism since 2017, which is when the Support Line on Radicalisation, ‘Orostelefonen’ was launched.

The support line is a national, low-threshold service that provides professional support and counselling to children, youths and adults who contact the support line with concerns about someone who is expressing hateful, violent or extremist views. If requested by the caller, it is possible to be redirected to further support and help in the caller’s municipality or to other governmental agencies.

Those who contact the support line are always anonymous in their contacts. Callers can be parents and other family members or friends. A typical caller can also be an individual who is active within civil society organisations and meets with young people, for example, leaders in faith-based organisations or sports clubs.

A caller can also be an individual who wants to leave a violent extremist ideology or group behind. Within Orostelefonen’s mission we monitor and gather knowledge and understanding within the field of hate speech, radicalisation and extremism from a child rights perspective.

The aim is to better prevent children and young adults from falling victim to violent extremism. Save the Children’s Support Line on Radicalisation is linked to Save the Children Sweden’s various projects and operations to ensure the rights of the child.

Orostelefonen is fully managed and operated by Save the Children Sweden. Orostelefonen is funded by the Swedish Center for Preventing Violent Extremism (CVE).


  • Networking with civil society actors and other organisations.
  • Informational materials on Orostelefonen’s website regarding support and help.
  • Leaflet for parents and family members on how to address these issues with children and young adults.
  • Podcast episode that portrays the situation of the Swedish families of foreign terrorist fighters.
  • Webinars on the work of Orostelefonen and knowledge and experiences from working with a national support line.
  • Advocacy on the Save the Children’s work on the repatriation of Swedish children and their families from Syria.
  • Annual reports on the work of Orostelefonen.
  • Coming deliverables:
  • Handbook on violent extremism from a child rights perspective.

Most of the deliverables can be found here.

Contact details


Gustavslundsvägen 141,
Stockholm Sweden

Contact person: Suzanna Holmberg
Telephone: +46 733 55 35 96
Email | Website

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26 MAY 2021
Orostelefonen – Save the Children’s National Support line on Radicalisation
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