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9 July 2024

‘Orostelefonen’ – Save the Children’s National Radicalisation Support line

  • Sweden
Target Audience
  • Families
  • Local community organisations/NGOs
  • Youth/pupils/students
key themes association
  • (Early) prevention
  • Family support
  • 2024


Save the Children Sweden is a democratic, non-governmental organisation independent of all political and religious affiliations that fights for children’s rights. We stimulate opinion, influence decision-makers and support children in vulnerable situations. Everything we do is based on children’s rights, from the child’s perspective and their reality. Our trustworthiness is born of our meetings with and initiatives for children.

We want to see a world in which every child’s right to life and development, security and protection, and to participation and influence, is satisfied. Our values are based on the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

Save the Children Sweden has been engaged in preventative work against radicalisation and violent extremism since 2017, which is when the Support Line on Radicalisation, ‘Orostelefonen’ was launched. The support line is a national service that provides professional support, counselling and referrals to individuals or civil society actors with concerns about a young person being radicalized or involved in an extremist environment. 

We also support children who want to leave an extremist environment. The overall objective being to prevent that children and young adults fall victim to violent extremism. We also work together with the members of our local associations to spread knowledge about hate speech, radicalisation and extremism from a child rights perspective. We carry out advocacy work around children's situations and support the advancement of policies, programs and interventions aimed at preventing extremism and the care for children who have been affected by it.

Save the Children’s National Radicalisation Support Line is linked to Save the Children Sweden’s various projects and operations to ensure the rights of the child


  • Annual reporting 
  • Network with civil society actors and other organisations 
  • Informational videos on YouTube that give insight to the task of the support line 
  • Handook for parents and family members on how to address issues of hate speech, radicalization and extremism with children and young adults 
  • Podcast episode that portrays the situation of the Swedish families of foreign terrorist fighters

Most of the deliverables can be found here.

Contact details


Gustavslundsvägen 141,
Stockholm, Sweden

Contact person: Elin Palmstierna
Telephone: +46 708 243 048
elin [dot] palmstiernaatrb [dot] se (Email) | Website

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9 JULY 2024
Orostelefonen – Save the Children’s National Support line on Radicalisation