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Migration and Home Affairs
5 March 2024

Labour Migration Platform

Actions and work

The Labour Migration Platform, a deliverable of the Skills and Talent package, was launched in January 2023. It gathers the Commission and Member States’ migration and employment representatives, as well as European Social Partners, to enhance discussions and cooperation on legal migration and employment and support the effective operationalisation of EU-level initiatives in this area.


The platform has been set up to advance labour migration from third countries to the EU and to ensure that it is well-managed and targeted to where the labour and skills needs are. To this end, discussions within the platform can cover a wide range of topics including, so far:

  • labour shortages and the potential of legal migration in mitigating them (first meeting),
  • the design and the function of the EU Talent Pool (second meeting) or
  • measures and good practices to protect third-country seasonal workers and cooperation to prevent and fight the employment of irregular migrants and undeclared work as well as human trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation (third meeting).


The 4th meeting of the Labour Migration Platform will be held on 21st March 2024. It will provide an opportunity for the participants to discuss measures and good practices to fight undeclared work and labour exploitation of third-country nationals. Participants will also discuss measures to attract third-country workers in the long-term care sector in the EU.

Depending on the topics discussed, relevant experts and organisations can be invited to participate, in addition to Commission and Member States' representatives. The aim will be to learn from each other and advancing together.


For questions on the Labour Migration Platform and its activities, the email address to contact is HOME-NOTIFICATIONS-C2atec [dot] europa [dot] eu (HOME-NOTIFICATIONS-C2[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)