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Training for staff of primary and secondary schools in Poland to enhance security and prevent radicalisation

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Institute of Social Safety (IBS):

A civil society organisation based in Warsaw, Poland, specialising in prevention and countering radicalisation and violent extremism through training, counselling, legal assistance and developing a multi-agency approach in Polish towns and cities.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

Training that combines the enhancement of security and prevention of radicalisation to ensure effectiveness in approaching the subject of radicalisation in schools.

In response to the process of radicalisation and violent extremism that threatens public security, IBS has created an innovative approach that provides vital support for one of the main actors in prevention and countering radicalisation — the school community. Work with schools offers a great basis for further working with the entire local community (parents, local police, local government officials, social and street workers, etc.) forming a future multi-agency local collaboration task force.

IBS provides a set of two training workshops to all school staff (head teacher, other teachers, administrative staff); they combine physical security know-how and simulations (e.g. how to react in case of emergency, evacuation, assault, aggressive individual or act of terrorism) with radicalisation (how to detect first symptoms, how to respond to them, who to turn to for help, with whom to build coalitions, etc.).

This innovative approach constitutes a good practice because training in the prevention and countering of radicalisation starts with training in general security and crisis management.

In this way, firstly, schools do not feel stigmatised as establishments having “problems” with radicalised young people that they cannot solve by themselves. Consequently, they agree to undergo such training.

Secondly, they consider security issues of practical importance for their staff and are convinced the knowledge and skills acquired during the training will contribute to the safety and well-being of both pupils and teachers.

Thirdly, they become genuinely interested in security issues presented during the training, develop a certain degree of trust and are thus ready to learn about the complex and far more controversial topic of radicalisation.


A set of two training workshops (one focused on enhancing security and the other on detecting and preventing radicalisation) tailored to the needs of particular schools and possible consultations after the training, offered to secondary schools across Poland. 

For the last six years, IBS has trained staff at 100 primary and secondary schools across Poland (approximately 2500 head teachers, teachers and administrative staff in total).

Contact details


Institute of Social Safety (IBS)
Plac Bankowy 2
00-095 Warsaw

Contact person: Jacek Purski
Telephone: +48 664 838 006
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26 MAY 2021
Training for staff of primary and secondary schools in Poland to enhance security and prevent radicalisation
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