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Migration and Home Affairs




  • BG: презаселване
  • CS: přesídlení
  • DE: Neuansiedlung
  • EL: επανεγκατάσταση
  • EN: resettlement
  • ES: reasentamiento
  • ET: ümberasustamine
  • FI: uudelleensijoittaminen
  • FR: réinstallation
  • GA: athlonnú
  • HU: áttelepítés
  • IT: reinsediamento
  • LT: perkėlimas
  • LV: pārmitināšana
  • MT: Risistemazzjoni
  • NL: hervestiging
  • PL: przesiedlenie
  • PT: reinstalação
  • RO: relocare
  • SK: presídlenie / presídľovanie
  • SL: preselitev
  • SV: vidarebosättning
  • NO: gjenbosetting (b); gjenbusetjing (n)
  • KA: (ევროკავშირიდან მესამე ქვეყანაში / მესამე ქვეყნიდან ევროკავშირში) განსახლება
  • UK: переселення

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1. The status provided ensures protection against refoulement and provides resettled refugees and their family or dependants with access to rights similar to those enjoyed by nationals. Resettlement also carries with it the opportunity to eventually become a naturalised citizen of the resettlement country. For this reason, resettlement is a durable solution as well as a tool for the protection of refugees.
2. This term should not be confused with ‘relocation’.