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Common European Asylum System (CEAS)


A framework of agreed rules which establish common procedures for international protection and a uniform status for those who are granted refugee status or subsidiary protection based on the full and inclusive application of the Geneva Refugee Convention and Protocol and which aims to ensure fair and humane treatment of applicants for international protection, to harmonise asylum systems in the EU and reduce the differences between Member States on the basis of binding legislation, as well as to strengthen practical cooperation between national asylum administrations and the external dimension of asylum.


Derived by EMN from Art. 78 of TFEU


  • BG: Обща европейска система за убежище
  • CS: Společný evropský azylový systém
  • DE: Gemeinsames Europäisches Asylsystem
  • EL: Κοινό Ευρωπαϊκό Σύστημα Ασύλου
  • EN: Common European Asylum System (CEAS)
  • ES: Sistema Europeo Común de Asilo
  • ET: Euroopa ühtne varjupaigasüsteem
  • FI: Euroopan yhteinen turvapaikkajärjestelmä
  • FR: régime d’asile européen commun
  • GA: Comhchóras Tearmainn Eorpach
  • HU: Közös Európai Menekültügyi Rendszer
  • IT: Sistema europeo comune di asilo
  • LT: Bendra Europos prieglobsčio sistema
  • LV: Kopējā Eiropas patvēruma sistēma
  • MT: Sistema Ewropea Komuni għall-Ażil
  • NL: Gemeenschappelijk Europees Asielstelsel
  • PL: Wspólny Europejski System Azylowy
  • PT: Sistema Europeu Comum de Asilo
  • RO: Sistemul European Comun de Azil
  • SK: Spoločný európsky azylový systém
  • SL: Skupni evropski azilni sistem
  • SV: gemensamt europeiskt asylsystem
  • NO: Det felles europeiske asylsystemet


  • CEAS

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According to Art. 78 of Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union , the Common European Asylum System shall comprise:
(a) a uniform status of asylum for nationals of third countries, valid throughout the European Union;
(b) a uniform status of subsidiary protection for nationals of third countries who, without obtaining European asylum, are in need of international protection;
(c) a common system of temporary protection for displaced persons in the event of a massive inflow;
(d) common procedures for the granting and withdrawing of uniform asylum or subsidiary protection status ;
(e) criteria and mechanisms for determining which Member State is responsible for considering an application for asylum or subsidiary protection;
(f) standards concerning the conditions for the reception of applicants for asylum or subsidiary protection;
(g) partnership and cooperation with third countries for the purpose of managing inflows of people applying for asylum or subsidiary or temporary protection.