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An application made by a foreigner or a stateless person which can be understood as a request for protection under the Geneva Refugee Convention and Protocol or national refugee law.


Derived by EMN from the definition in Art. 2 (b) of Council Directive 2005/85/EC (Asylum Procedures Directive)


  • BG: молба за убежище
  • CS: žádost o azyl
  • DE: Asylantrag
  • EL: αίτηση ασύλου
  • EN: application for asylum
  • ES: solicitud de asilo
  • ET: varjupaigataotlus
  • FI: turvapaikkahakemus
  • FR: demande d’asile
  • GA: iarratas ar thearmann
  • HU: menedékjog iránti kérelem
  • IT: domanda d’asilo
  • LT: prašymas suteikti prieglobstį
  • LV: patvēruma pieteikums
  • MT: Talba / Applikazzjoni għall-ażil
  • NL: asielverzoek / asielaanvraag
  • PL: wniosek o azyl
  • PT: pedido de asilo
  • RO: cerere de azil
  • SK: žiadosť o udelenie azylu / žiadosť o azyl
  • SL: prošnja za azil
  • SV: asylansökan
  • NO: asylsøknad


  • asylum application
  • asylum claim

Broader Term(s)

Narrower Term(s)


1. In most EU Member States this term is understood as a synonym to application for international protection following the adoption of  Directive 2011/95/EU (Recast Qualification Directive) and Directive 2013/32/EU (Recast Asylum Procedures Directive). However, UK and IE, which have not adopted the single procedure, continue to use the term ‘application for asylum’ for an application for protection under the Geneva Refugee Convention only. In DE the term is still used to include, in addition to the application for international protection according the Qualification Directive, also the application according to the national legislation, Art. 16a Basic Law.
2. Outside EU legislation and in everyday use, the terms ‘asylum application’ and ‘application for asylum’ are often used more frequently than ‘application for international protection’.
3. According to  Protocol 24 of TFEU on asylum for nationals of Member States of the European Union (1997), EU Member States shall be regarded as constituting safe countries of origin in respect of each other for all legal and practical purposes in relation to asylum matters. Accordingly, any application for asylum made by a national of an EU Member State is normally not taken into consideration. In practice, non-EU Member States can receive applications for asylum from EU Member States.