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Migration and Home Affairs


In an asylum context, a number of principles in relation to procedures for international protection, to reception conditions, and to the refugee definition established by the Treaty of Amsterdam from which EU Member States cannot derogate.


Derived by EMN from Art. 63 of the Treaty of Amsterdam


  • BG: минимални стандарти
  • CS: minimální normy
  • DE: Minimumstandards
  • EL: ελάχιστες προδιαγραφές
  • EN: minimum standards
  • ES: normas mínimas
  • ET: miinimumnõuded
  • FI: vähimmäisvaatimukset
  • FR: normes minimales
  • GA: íoschaighdeáin
  • HU: minimumszabályok
  • IT: norme minime
  • LT: būtiniausi reikalavimai
  • LV: minimālie standarti
  • MT: Livelli standard minimi
  • NL: minimumnormen
  • PL: minimalne standardy
  • PT: normas mínimas
  • RO: standarde minime
  • SK: minimálne pravidlá / minimálne štandardy
  • SL: minimalni standardi
  • SV: miniminormer
  • NO: minimumsstandard
  • KA: მინიმალური სტანდარტები
  • UK: мінімальні стандарти

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In the Tampere Agreement, and then reaffirmed by the Hague Programme, EU Member States agreed to go beyond minimum standards and develop a Common European Asylum System (CEAS) based on a common asylum procedure and a uniform status for those who are granted international protection.