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Small Scale Expert Meeting P/CVE in Prison and Dynamic Security, online meeting 27 May 2021


Publication date
31 August 2021
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs


Previous RAN Meetings have shown that daily interactions and relations between prison staff and inmates can contribute to the monitoring and assessing of cases, and can be a valuable addition to risk and needs assessment tools. In the RAN Small Scale Expert Meeting, practitioner experts who either have experiences with implementing Dynamic Security in prison, either experiences with radicalised and terrorist offenders, discussed the opportunities of Dynamic Security in the context of P/CVE in prison. Some of the main outcomes are presented below.

  • The implementation of Dynamic Security with radicalised and terrorist offenders or other high-risk inmates is possible. Facing violence with non-reactive approaches can help to create a cognitive opening that enables other ways to express anger or other emotions.
  • Dynamic Security is not only possible but also a potentially beneficial approach. Practitioners reported it can be a contribution to the risk and needs assessment, while at the same time offering a way of dealing with false compliance and non-compliance, due to improved knowledge of the inmates and their needs.
  • Practitioners’ understanding of their role is key to implementing Dynamic Security. They take on more responsibility, and they need appropriate training and understanding of their tasks. Since this cannot and should not be enforced, there needs to be a certain degree of intrinsic motivation.
  • Dynamic Security can be implemented in almost all contexts and does not necessarily depend on large amounts of resources. Pragmatic solutions can be found to implement a system that is more focused on the relations between staff and inmates.

This paper captures the outcomes of the RAN Small Scale Meeting on the role of Dynamic Security in prison in the context of P/CVE. It will present the highlights of the discussion, sharing the main lessons learned and key challenges. It will also summarise the main recommendations tabled during the meeting.

Small Scale Expert Meeting P/CVE in Prison and Dynamic Security Cover


31 AUGUST 2022
Small Scale Expert Meeting P/CVE in Prison and Dynamic Security
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