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RAN Webinar “Right-Wing Extremism: Local Lessons and Transnational Dimensions”, 19 March 2021


Publication date
14 May 2021
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs
RAN Publications Topic
  • Violent right-wing extremism


This webinar addressed the emergence of a new transnational (cross-border) violent right-wing extremism (VRWE) movement and its implications for P/CVE practitioners on a local level.

After discussing the latest relevant research on the transnational dimension of VRWE, the meeting focussed on lessons learned and good practices on how relevant activities of right-wing extremists can be identified, understood, prevented or countered for local P/CVE practitioners.

The target audience were public administration officials (including from tax offices, building authorities and youth welfare offices), police and law enforcement officials and practitioners who were interested in exchanging on the following issues:

  • Commercial events (e.g. concerts, festivals, mixed-martial arts) hosted by VRWE;
  • Commercial activities (e.g. mail-order business/merchandise) by VRWE;
  • Multi-agency cooperation on how to effectively deal with VRWE events or marches;
Right-Wing Extremism: Local Lessons and Transnational Dimensions cover


26 MAY 2021
Right-Wing Extremism: Local Lessons and Transnational Dimensions