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RAN POL Preventing and countering radicalisation of police, military and prison staff, online meeting 23-24 March 2022


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2022. május 24.
Migrációügyi és Uniós Belügyi Főigazgatóság
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Prison and probation


On 23 and 24 March 2022, a group of experts with experience in police, military and prisons gathered online to discuss preventing and countering of radicalisation within their organisations. With presentations and reflections, participants from different Member States shared their experiences and views on the topic.

Against the background of some well-known incidents, and some unknown cases, it was clear to all participants that no institution is immune to radicalisation of staff members or to other insider threats. Sometimes early and ‘light’ radicalisation is observed, but sometimes - unfortunately- we are confronted with deadly blue-on-blue attacks.

The distinction was made between PVE and CVE. On the one hand, on CVE, the discussion was about detecting, referring and sanctioning. On the other hand, participants talked about prevention (PVE) by discussing the question how to invest in a healthy organisation with high professional standards as a shield against extremism.

The following key outcomes were identified from this discussion:

  • Ongoing vetting and screening of staff on insider threat and radicalisation is crucial, not only during the selection process but also systematically within the whole service.
  • training and awareness-raising of staff and management on internal threats have to be constantly implemented.
  • The Code of Ethics can put a bigger emphasis on keeping unwanted developments out, and can help boost high professional standards.
  • Good leadership implies prevention and a healthy work culture/environment.
  • There are concerns about the rising number of right-wing extremism within police, military and prison staff.
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2022. MÁJUS 24.
RAN POL Preventing and countering radicalisation of police, military and prison staff
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