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In a dark train station, surrounded by busy people, the figure of a man who is begging appears. He is almost transparent, suggesting the invisibility of victims of trafficking in human beings.
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Newly released data show an increase of trafficking in human beings

New data for trafficking in human beings shows a 41% increase compared to the previous year. This may be the result of higher detection rates of victims thanks to awareness raising actions to prevent trafficking of those fleeing Ukraine. However, the detection of victims remains of key importance.

Conceptual visual portraying profiles of different people in multiple colours, overlaying one another.
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The integration of newcomers – Ministerial Conference organised by Flanders

On 8-9 February 2024, the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council organised a High-Level Policy Forum and Ministerial Conference on the Integration of Newcomers. The key takeaway was that a well-functioning asylum and migration management system relies heavily on successful integration policies.