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2023 State of Schengen: achievements and key priorities

The second State of Schengen Report is part of the Commission's initiative to further reinforce Schengen governance through a yearly reporting. This exercise presents the state of Schengen, identifies challenges and best practices, as well as priority areas for action. The State of Schengen Report w

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EU security projects on the ground in Türkiye post earthquake

Following the catastrophic 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Türkiye​ and Syria in February 2023, aid from all over Europe has been sent to the field in order to assist national authorities and bodies to handle the crisis.

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Info Days for Horizon Europe Cluster 3 (Civil Security for Society)

Through Horizon Europe Cluster 3 “Civil Security for Society”, the European Commission funds research and innovation projects to address the challenges arising from persistent security threats. These projects relate to the fight against crime and terrorism and external and border security.

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Kosovo visa liberalisation signed for entry in early 2024

Citizens of Kosovo will be allowed to travel to the EU –and EU citizens to go to Kosovo- without requesting a visa, for periods of up to 90 days in any 180-day period. After the law has entered into force, the entire Western Balkans region will have a similar visa framework for the Schengen area.

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Thanks to temporary protection in the EU, Tonya finds hope

Tonya looks back on the last year and the assistance from the European Union which has helped her settle in the country. 24 February marks one year since Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine.