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Migration and Home Affairs

RAN Publications

The RAN papers consolidate RAN’s expertise and knowledge on radicalisation and violent extremism into an accessible format, providing up-to-date information.

They introduce the latest research findings – collected by RAN– and include input from first-line practitioners. All are reviewed by relevant stakeholders within the RAN Editorial Board prior to publication.


RAN Publications (178)

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Approaches to addressing antisemitism in European P/CVE, March 2023

The study aims at identifying gaps in existing initiatives, and discusses the part potentially played by a lack of diverse approaches in prevention levels or by the geographical or other type of disproportionate distribution of these programmes among EU Member States.

  • Expert opinion, General publications
  • Muuttoliike- ja sisäasioiden pääosasto

RAN FC&S meeting on How can P/CVE practitioners address the effects of perceived (institutional, social, interpersonal) discrimination?, Zagreb 22-23 November 2022

This paper outlines the highlights of this meeting and will delve into the challenges practitioners face when they work with individuals and communities that experience discrimination such as building trust, how to effectively support them, but also the effect it has on themselves as practitioners.

  • Council conclusions
  • Muuttoliike- ja sisäasioiden pääosasto

RAN Y&E Artistic methods in prevention work, Stockholm 22-23 November 2022

On 22 and 23 November 2022 the RAN Y&E Working Group organised a meeting in Stockholm and convened frontline practitioners from all around Europe to share their experiences, insights and challenges regarding their arts-related activities in youth work and education.