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RAN Small-scale meeting New offender types & appropriate measures of Exit work, online meeting 24 March 2021

Recent meetings and publications within the scope of RAN and beyond have shed light on the new challenges rehabilitation practitioners are facing in light of an increasing diversification of target groups. This relates to both Islamist extremism and right-wing extremism (IE/RWE).

Developments previously noted include, among others, an increasing number of middle-aged individuals, more persons from financially stable backgrounds, a growing blurriness of ideological bounds (especially regarding RWE) and a move away from Salafi-jihadism towards Islamist ideologies that easily navigate the fine line between legality and extremism. Despite the fact that many experts from research and practice have noted these developments, ideas on how to overcome these new challenges remain scarce.

As a result, a small-scale expert meeting was convened to discuss which changes can actually be observed, how they affect practical work and which consequences these insights should entail for practical approaches. In short, the meeting explored this very pertinent question: Are current approaches in the fields of Exit, deradicalisation, and rehabilitation work still impactful enough? Read more


PDF Paper (also available in French and German)