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Migration and Home Affairs
18 April 2024

Aarhus model: Prevention of Radicalisation and Discrimination in Aarhus

  • Denmark
Target Audience
  • First responders or practitioners
  • Local community organisations/NGOs
  • Youth/pupils/students
key themes association
  • Deradicalisation/disengagement
  • Multi-agency cooperation
  • 2023


Aarhus municipality and the East Jutland Police

This is a multi-agency intervention in the form of a collaboration between Aarhus municipality and the East Jutland Police. External partners are the University of Aarhus, the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Integration and the Danish Intelligence and Security Service. As such, it constitutes a local practice in Aarhus municipality and the East Jutland Police district, but it may be considered a government practice, since it is tax funded.

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

This model offers intervention at two levels: General population and at-risk individuals.

General population intervention

  1. Raises awareness of professionals and the public. Achieved via briefings and workshops for professionals and teaching institutions.
  2. Entails collaboration with local communities. Involves respectful and assertive dialogue with mosques, cultural associations and other major players in local communities.

Individual intervention

  1. First-line staff of the Info-House (Multi-agency Task Force) carry out risk evaluations of individuals and groups.
  2. Professional staff are counselled on dealing with cases linked to radicalisation.
  3. Counselling is provided for individuals and families in cases related to radicalisation.
  4. Mentoring is provided for individuals at risk of radicalisation or involved with violent extremism.
  5. Exit programmes are set up for individuals involved in violent extremist environments including foreign fighters.


  1. Concepts delivered through presentations
  2. Workshop for raising awareness in schools and educational institutions — concept programme
  3. Life psychology and Significance Quest, kruglanski A. & Bertelsen P. (2020)
  4. Book on life psychology and training programmes by Professor Preben Bertelsen, University of Aarhus – see website
  5. Risk evaluation concepts – national assessment tool and locally developed risk assessment tools.

Contact details


East Jutland Police,
8000 Aarhus C,

Contact person: Steffen Saigusa Nielsen
Telephone: (+45) 29203650
SNI023atpoliti [dot] dk (Email) | Website

Contact person: Signe Reichenbach
Telephone: (+45) 41858869
sigreataarhus [dot] dk (Email)

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18 APRIL 2024
Aarhus model