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Migration and Home Affairs


The protection given to a third-country national or a stateless person who does not qualify as a refugee but in respect of whom substantial grounds have been shown for believing that the person concerned, if returned to their country of origin, or in the case of a stateless person to their country of former habitual residence, would face a real risk of suffering serious harm as defined in Art. 15 of Directive 2011/95/EU (Recast Qualification Directive), and to whom Art. 17(1) and (2) of this Directive do not apply, and is unable or, owing to such risk, unwilling to avail themselves of the protection of that country.


Derived by EMN from Art. 2(f) of Directive 2011/95/EC (Recast Qualification Directive)


  • BG: субсидиарна закрила
  • CS: doplňková ochrana
  • DE: subsidiärer Schutz
  • EL: επικουρική προστασία
  • EN: subsidiary protection
  • ES: protección subsidiaria
  • ET: täiendav kaitse
  • FI: toissijainen suojelu
  • FR: protection subsidiaire
  • GA: cosaint choimhdeach
  • HU: kiegészítő védelem
  • IT: protezione sussidiaria
  • LT: papildoma apsauga
  • LV: alternatīvā aizsardzība
  • MT: Protezzjoni sussidjarja
  • NL: subsidiaire bescherming
  • PL: ochrona (uzupełniająca)
  • PT: proteção subsidiária
  • RO: protecţie subsidiară
  • SK: doplnková ochrana
  • SL: subsidiarna zaščita
  • SV: subsidiärt skydd
  • NO: subsidiær beskyttelse (b); subsidiært vern (n)
  • KA: დამატებითი დაცვა
  • UK: додатковий захист

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This term is not used in UK (see ‘humanitarian protection’).