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A third-country national admitted to the territory of a EU Member State to follow a recognised programme of secondary education in the context of an exchange scheme operated by an organisation recognised for that purpose by the Member State in accordance with its national legislation or administrative practice.



  • BG: ученик
  • CS: žák
  • DE: Schüler
  • EL: μαθητής
  • EN: school pupil
  • ES: escolar
  • ET: kooliõpilane
  • FI: oppilas
  • FR: élève
  • GA: dalta scoile
  • HU: tanuló
  • IT: alunno
  • LT: mokinys
  • LV: skolēns
  • MT: Tifel (Tifla) tal-iskola
  • NL: scholier
  • PL: uczeń
  • PT: aluno
  • RO: elev
  • SK: žiak
  • SL: učenec / šolar
  • SV: elev
  • NO: skoleelev (b); skuleelev (n)

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