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In the EU migration context, a third-country national holding an appropriate higher education qualification, which gives access to doctoral programmes, who is selected by a research organisation for carrying out a research project for which the above qualification is normally required.


Art. 3(2) of Directive (EU)2016/801 (Recast Researchers and Students Directive)


  • BG: научен работник
  • CS: výzkumný pracovník
  • DE: Forscher
  • EL: ερευνητής
  • EN: researcher
  • ES: investigador
  • ET: teadlane
  • FI: tutkija
  • FR: chercheur
  • GA: taighdeoir
  • HU: kutató
  • IT: ricercatore
  • LT: tyrėjas
  • LV: pētnieks
  • MT: Riċerkatur (-triċi)
  • NL: onderzoeker
  • PL: naukowiec
  • PT: investigador
  • RO: cercetător
  • SK: výskumník / výskumný pracovník
  • SL: raziskovalec
  • SV: forskare
  • NO: forsker (b); forskar (n)

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