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Migration and Home Affairs


  • In the global context, the act of a state in the exercise of its sovereignty in removing an alien from its territory to a certain place after refusal of admission or termination of permission to remain.
  • In the EU context, the enforcement of the obligation to return, namely the physical transportation out of the EU Member State.



  • BG: извеждане
  • CS: vyhoštění
  • DE: Abschiebung
  • EL: απομάκρυνση
  • EN: removal
  • ES: expulsión
  • ET: väljasaatmine
  • FI: maasta poistaminen
  • FR: éloignement
  • GA: aistriú
  • HR: prisilno udaljenje
  • HU: kitoloncolás
  • IT: allontanamento
  • LT: išsiuntimas
  • LV: piespiedu izraidīšana
  • MT: Tneħħija
  • NL: uitzetting / verwijdering
  • PL: odesłanie (wyjazd)
  • PT: afastamento
  • RO: Îndepărtare de pe teritoriu / returnare
  • SK: odsun
  • SL: odstranitev
  • SV: avlägsnande
  • NO: uttransportering
  • KA: გაძევება
  • UK: вилучення
  • HY: վտարում


  • deportation

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​1. Under EU legislation, removal is a specific form of forced return.
2. While deportation and removal often are understood as synonyms, deportation is not used as a legal term in all EU Member States (only DE, FI, IE and UK define 'deportation' in their legislation) and is only applicable as a general concept by the public, sometimes with a negative connotation. Because of this variation, ‘removal ‘ is the preferred term to use.
3. In DE deportation and removal are defined in legislation (Sect. 57 and 58 of the Residence Act) and have different meanings. In FI deportation is synonymous with removal only in cases of a foreign citizen who: - resides in the country under a fixed term or permanent residence permit issued by Finnish authorities; - resides in the country and whose residence has been registered as provided in this Act; or - continues to reside in the country after his or her residence permit, registered residence or residence card has expired (Sect. 143 of the Finnish Aliens' Act).