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The inhabitants of a given area on a certain date (e.g. 1 January or 31 December) of the year in question.


Derived by EMN from the definition of ‘total population’ in the Eurostat Glossary on Demographic Statistics


  • BG: брой на населението
  • CS: obyvatelstvo (stav k) / počet obyvatel (stav k)
  • DE: Bevölkerungs(be)stand
  • EL: πληθυσμιακό απόθεμα
  • EN: population stock
  • ES: stock de población
  • ET: rahvaarv kindlal territooriumil, teatud aja seisuga
  • FI: väestökanta
  • FR: stock de population
  • GA: stoc daonra
  • HU: népességszám
  • IT: stock di popolazione
  • LT: gyventojų skaičius
  • LV: iedzīvotāju skaits (1. janvārī)
  • MT: Rendikont tal-popolazzjoni
  • NL: stand van de bevolking; omvang van de bevolking (NL)
  • PL: populacja w danym momencie
  • PT: stock populacional
  • RO: stoc de populaţie
  • SK: počet obyvateľov
  • SL: število prebivalstva
  • SV: folkmängd
  • NO: folketall (b); folketal (n)

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The population is based either on data from the most recent census, adjusted by the components of population change produced since the last census, or on population registers.