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Migration and Home Affairs


The difference between immigration into and emigration from a given area during the year.


Eurostat’s Concepts and Definitions Database


  • BG: нетна миграция
  • CS: saldo migrace
  • DE: Nettomigration
  • EL: καθαρή μετανάστευση
  • EN: net migration
  • ES: saldo migratorio
  • ET: rändesaldo
  • FI: nettomaahanmuutto
  • FR: solde migratoire
  • GA: imirce ghlan
  • HR: migracijski saldo
  • HU: nettó migráció
  • IT: migrazione netta (o saldo migratorio)
  • LT: neto migracija
  • LV: migrācijas saldo
  • MT: Migrazzjoni netta
  • NL: migratiesaldo / netto migratie
  • PL: migracja netto
  • PT: saldo migratório
  • RO: migraţia netă
  • SK: migračné saldo / čistá migrácia
  • SL: neto migracije / migracijski saldo
  • SV: nettomigration
  • NO: netto migrasjon
  • KA: მიგრაციის სალდო
  • UK: чиста міграція
  • HY: զուտ միգրացիա

Related Term(s)


1. Net migration is negative when the number of emigrants exceeds the number of immigrants.
2. Since many countries either do not have accurate figures on immigration and emigration or have no figures at all, net migration is frequently estimated as the difference between total population change and natural increase between two dates (in Eurostat’s database it is then called corrected net migration). The statistics on net migration are therefore affected by any statistical inaccuracies in any of the components used for their derivation.