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RAN YOUNG platform Guidelines for local authorities: how to organise a youth review panel, online meeting 01-02 October 2020


Publication date
5 May 2021
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs
RAN Publications Topic
  • Vulnerable youth and youth engagement in P/CVE


On 01 and 02 October 2020, the RAN Young platform conducted an Online Review Panel. In two half-day sessions, 23 young people who are active in P/CVE reviewed six youth-oriented projects from the RAN Collection of inspiring practices. Working in small groups, RAN Young’s activists evaluated each practice based on project documents, a short presentation from the practitioner and a series of discussions.

Using this information and based on their own experience and perspectives, the young participants performed a SWOT analysis for each project, extracting strengths and weaknesses and offering practical advice for how practitioners could leverage their work with young people most effectively.

Youth review panels are a valuable opportunity for young people to give direct feedback to practitioners in order to help shape youth-oriented programming in the field of P/CVE. It is a critical tool to help breakdown the traditional role of youth as a passive audience to be targeted, and instead activate them as contributors and partners in programme design and delivery.

The following paper presents a summary of the recommendations made by the young people in the first section and outlines an introductory guide for local authorities with different steps for the organisation of a Youth Review Panel in the second section.

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26 MAY 2021
RAN YOUNG platform Guidelines for local authorities: how to organise a youth review panel