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Factual summary report of the public consultation

RAN Webinar "Digital literacy for practitioners – inspiration from youth work", 14 December 2022


Publication date
16 February 2023
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs
RAN Publications Topic
Internet and radicalisation


As the online world has become an integrated part of people’s everyday lives, digital literacy is an essential skillset for individuals to navigate the continuous stream of information through traditional and alternative media.

The past years have proven that many people are susceptible for radicalisation online. After all, online echo chambers provide a space where people can find likeminded others and feel a sense of belonging.

Practitioners in P/CVE therefore have no choice but to also dive into these online dynamics, as they might otherwise miss out on important developments and narratives that impact the people they work with. Despite young people being labelled ’the digital generation’, the importance of (radicalisation in) the online world is equally relevant for adults.

The youth work sector however, has for several years been invested in tailoring their work to the ‘hybrid’ reality of young people. In this webinar, RAN has aimed to disseminate some key lessons from youth work to other sectors.

Digital literacy for practitioners – inspiration  from youth work cover


16 FEBRUARY 2023
Digital literacy for practitioners – inspiration from youth work
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