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Pact on asylum
  • News article

The European Commission welcomes the result of today’s vote in the Parliament, which will make the Pact on Migration and Asylum a reality. It is a milestone in migration and asylum policy, delivering a fairer, more efficient and sustainable framework to manage migration in the EU.

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Image displaying a translucid pill, encapsulating substances that resemble visually digital data and forensics. This conceptual visual is a metaphor for the use of digital technology to identify illicit drugs and precursors.
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According to Europol and the EMCDDA, drug-related violence and criminal adaptability are on the rise, posing important challenges for law enforcement. One pioneering EU-funded project takes on drug smugglers with new technologies enabling police and customs to detect illicit drugs with 99% accuracy.

  • 2 min read
Image showing a First Reception Centre for refugees and migrants. At the centre we see a case worker, whose jacket displays the EU star symbol.
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In her overview of the work accomplished over the last five years, President von der Leyen discusses the recently agreed upon Pact on Migration and Asylum, a common EU response to manage migration, and the EU Security Union Strategy 2020-2025, a holistic approach adopted to keep Europe safe.

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Visit by Marianne Thyssen, Member of the EC, of the reception center for asylum seekers "Petit-Château", in Brussels
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On 12 March 2024, the Commission adopted a Communication assessing the progress made in the area of migration and asylum. Committed to create a sustainable EU framework for migration management, it has introduced reforms with the new Pact while working on operational actions to support EU countries.

  • 3 min read