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Migration and Home Affairs

Migration Management in Italy

The European Commission supports Italy in the entire migration management process - from managing arrivals, guiding migrants through relevant procedure and helping them to integrate into society, to organising transfers to another EU country or returns to the country of origin. This support is provided through EU funding and expertise, including the deployment of staff members permanently based in Rome, alongside the permanent presence of EU agencies (Frontex, EUAA and Europol).

Operational support

European Commission staff members

The European Commission staff members in Italy cooperate with the Italian authorities, EU agencies and other relevant stakeholders to ensure effective migration management and follow-up to disembarkations, including following search and rescue operations. They also coordinate voluntary relocations of asylum seekers from Italy to pledging EU countries and Schengen associated countries.

European Border and Coast Guard Agency - Frontex

Frontex supports Italy with:

  • border control
  • border surveillance
  • search and rescue activities in the Central Mediterranean through Joint Operation Themis

It carries out its operations within the area of the Central Mediterranean Sea, covering routes from Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Turkey and Albania. The staff deployed by Frontex also supports the Italian authorities in the registration and screening of migrants and asylum seekers.

European Union Agency for Asylum (EUAA)

The European Union Agency for Asylum provides support to Italy’s asylum and reception system. This includes:

  • capacity building
  • supporting asylum registrations
  • harmonisation and improvements of asylum procedures
  • support to management of judicial backlog
  • improving reception standards
  • improving voluntary relocation process
Migration management in Italy
EUAA staff waiting to initiate the registration of newly arrived migrants in Sicily, Italy


Europol staff deployed in Italy supports Italian law enforcement authorities on investigations, with intelligence gathering focusing on counter-smuggling and counter-terrorism.

Migration management in action