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Information exchange

The Commission and EU agencies provide tools for the exchange of information between national law enforcement authorities. Such tools are necessary for timely access to accurate and up-to-date information and criminal intelligence to prevent, detect, and investigate criminal activity successfully.

Legal framework

  1. 2020 - 2025
    Security Union Strategy

    Following the Security Union Strategy adopted in July 2020, the Commission has proposed on 9 December 2020 to strengthen the Europol mandatein order to allow the agency to better support national law enforcement authorities with information, analysis and expertise. The Commission has also adopted a proposal to enable Europol to issue alerts in the Schengen Information System (SIS) on the basis of third country sourced information, in particular, to detect foreign terrorist fighters.

    As announced in the Security Union Strategy and in the Schengen Strategy, on 8 December 2021 the Commission adopted a proposal for a Directive on information exchange between Law Enforcement Authorities of Member States, repealing Council Framework Decision 2006/960/JHA. The proposal aims to streamline, clarify, develop and modernise cross-border law enforcement cooperation, while better safeguarding fundamental rights.

    The Commission also adopted on 8 December 2021 a proposal for a Regulation on automated data exchange for police cooperation (“Prüm II”), amending Council Decisions 2008/615/JHA and 2008/616/JHA. This proposal aims to improve, facilitate and accelerate the automated exchange of data under the Prüm framework.

  2. 2015 - 2020
    European agenda on security

    With the European agenda on security, the Commission identified areas where further efforts are required, notably the full implementation of existing systems.

  3. 2010 - 2015
    Stockholm programme

    The Stockholm programme highlighted the need to further develop law enforcement cooperation instruments in the EU.

  4. 2005 - 2010
    Hague programme

    The Hague programme introduced the principle of availability as the guiding concept for law enforcement information exchange: across the EU, information available to one EU country’s law enforcement authorities needs to be made accessible to all EU countries’ law enforcement forces.

Police information sharing instruments