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To take stock of international best practices, a fruitful dialogue between EU and US security services began in 2017 on the planning and conduct of security for large events and critical infrastructure.

Discussions show, that the EU Protective Security Advisor support tool is similar to US practices for vulnerability assessments of special events and critical infrastructures carried out by the US FBI Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) of the New York Police Department Counterterrorism Unit, and the Department of Homeland Security (US Secret Service and Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency).

International cooperation
EU PSA support during NATO Summit 2017

In 2019, several EU-US joint missions and exchange of best practices took place in the EU and United States during events, such as the Boston marathon, EU-US Political Summits in Brussels and the World Cricket Championships in London. The technical exchanges which take place between EU and US experts have led to improved cooperation during different EU-US events, like the NATO political summits. As a result, the close technical cooperation between the experts led to the smooth cooperation of security services on the ground.

International cooperation
EU PSA team cooperates with US services during Boston Marathon

Both United States Department of Homeland Security and the EU Protective Security Advisors are deployed to support critical infrastructure operators and other high risk public events. The discussions on PSA methodologies used during such missions show true equivalence between US and EU.

A small EU-US Protective Security Advisor pool has been established consisting of US and EU PSA experts to support future joint missions in EU and US. As this excellent EU-US technical security cooperation continues, it is expected to develop mutual security benefits for both sides in the future.