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News article20 June 2022Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs

What do Europeans think about migrant integration: new Eurobarometer survey

Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (2014-20)

Today, around 5% of the EU’s total population are third country nationals. As people in and outside Europe move for work, family and other reasons, migration is an integral part of Europe’s society. Effective integration polices can help support social cohesion and make sure that third-country nationals are included in the host communities in Europe.

Public opinion on migrant integration

The recent Eurobarometer survey "Integration of Immigrants in the European Union" reveals public opinion on the topic, providing useful insight for integration policy. Between 2 November and 3 December 2021, 26 510 citizens from all of the 27 EU countries responded to questions on:

  • general perception and attitudes towards integration of third-country nationals;
  • views on the conditions for successful integration and perceptions of the integration process and
  • perceptions of EU citizens of the impact of COVID-19 on integration and views on whether integration is prioritised at national level.

Overestimating migrant numbers and low awareness rates

People tend to overestimate the number of third country nationals as a proportion of the population of their country (68%).

What do Europeans think about migrant integration

Only 38% of Europeans consider themselves well informed about migration and integration. More than half of respondents (56%) receive information on these topics through traditional media (TV, radio, newspapers), while the second largest information source (15%) is social media and networks.

Integration is a two-way process

At the same time, a strong majority of Europeans (70%) view integration as a two-way process, in which both host societies and immigrants play an important role.

What do Europeans think about migrant integration

Integration at national and at local level

Half of Europeans agree that integration of migrants is successful in their city or local area, while slightly less (42%) think the same about integration in their country.

What do Europeans think about migrant integration

Just over half of Europeans (53%) agree that their national government is doing enoughto promote the integration of migrants into society. A clear majority (69%) of respondents agree that it is necessary for their country to invest in integrating migrants. Moreover, three out of four Europeans (75%) believe that the integration needs of migrants should be taken into account when designing measures to fight the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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20 June 2022
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs