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News article23 July 20201 min read

Security Union Strategy: initiatives to fight child sexual abuse, drugs and illegal firearms

The European Commission is defining today a new way forward on internal security in the EU, with a focus on three main priority areas: fighting organised crime, countering terrorism and radicalisation, and fighting crime in a digital age.

As first deliverables of this new way forward, the Commission has adopted today three new initiatives: the new EU strategy for a more effective fight against child sexual abuse (PDF), the new Action Plan on Firearms trafficking (PDF)and the new EU Drugs Agenda and Action Plan 2021-2025 (PDF).

These initiatives are part of the Security Union Strategy adopted today. The objective of the Security Union Strategy is to create a multidisciplinary, coordinated and integrated approach to security. This Strategy sets out the inter-dependent strategic security priorities to be taken forward at EU level in 2020-2024. The new way forward on internal security is a key component of the Security Union Strategy 2020-2024.

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23 July 2020