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Migration and Home Affairs
Бюлетин9 септември 2022Генерална дирекция „Миграция и вътрешни работи“

RAN Practitioners Update 101 | September 2022

RAN Practitioners Update 101 news

The rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals convicted of terrorism-related offences remains one of the biggest security challenges facing EU Member States.

The large numbers of individuals expected to be released from prisons back into society over the coming years brings this challenge into sharp focus.

This issue of the RAN Practitioners Update therefore takes a look at the challenges facing prisons in Europe today.

The Update includes the latest edition of the RAN Practitioners Spotlight magazine and introduces a new series of programmes, called ‘Event Reports’, which capture the thoughts and insights of practitioners at RAN Working Group meetings, including a meeting of the RAN PRISONS Working Group.



Дата на публикуване
9 септември 2022
Генерална дирекция „Миграция и вътрешни работи“