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News article21 November 2022Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs

Commission proposes action plan for challenges in Central Mediterranean

Quote from Commissioner Ylva Johansson "Latest development demonstrate more than ever that we need the pact in place. Both its legislative proposals and the refocused action on the external dimension"

The Commission presented an EU Action Plan on the Central Mediterranean in advance of the Extraordinary Justice and Home Affairs Council of 25 November 2022. The Commission has proposed measures to address the immediate challenges along the Central Mediterranean migratory route, recalling that sustainable solutions are needed, as set out in the Pact on Migration and Asylum.

The Action Plan proposes 20 measures around three pillars for the EU and its Member States. They are designed to step-up cooperation with partner countries and international organisations,  strengthen cooperation between all actors involved in search and rescue and to reinforce the implementation of the Voluntary Solidarity Mechanism. Read the full Action Plan.

Pillar One: Working with partner countries and international organisations

Cooperating with partner countries and international organisations is key to addressing migration challenges. The EU will strengthen the capacities of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya to ensure better border management and management of migration. It will reinforce the fight against migrant smuggling and enhance diplomatic engagement on returns, while stepping up legal pathways to the EU. A dedicated Team Europe initiative on the Central Mediterranean will be launched.

Pillar two: A more coordinated approach on search and rescue

The Action Plan proposes measures to strengthen cooperation between Member States and actors involved in search and rescue activities, relaunching the European Contact Group on Search and Rescue. Frontex together with the concerned Member States will assess of the situation. The need for a specific framework and guidelines for vessels will be underlined to the International Maritime Organization.

Pillar three: The Voluntary Solidarity Mechanism and the Joint Roadmap

The Solidarity Declaration agreed on 22 June 2022 provides a voluntary mechanism for one year. The Action Plan proposes accelerating the implementation of the mechanism, including providing swift support to Member States receiving arrivals by sea, enhancing flexibility, streamlining processes, and the financing of alternative measures of solidarity.

Next Steps

The Commission will present the Action Plan to the Council at the extraordinary Home Affairs Council on 25 November. The EU will remain vigilant about the developments on other key migratory routes to Europe. The Action Plan may serve as a model to develop similar plans to address other migratory routes.


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Publication date
21 November 2022
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs