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RAN Practitioners Update 114 | October 2023

RAN Practitioners Update 114 | October 2023 banner

In the context of the growing trend of distrust in institutions linked to an increase in violent extremist protests in recent years, the police and other law enforcement agencies are now on the frontline in responding to violent extremist activity, both in the streets and online. In this edition of the RAN Practitioners Update therefore, we take a brief look at the role that the police plays in P/CVE. To do this, we feature the latest episode of RAN Reporters and a recent Spotlight magazine on the topic. This Update also highlights some upcoming events and presents some of the latest papers produced by RAN Practitioners.

Police and law enforcement


In a RAN Practitioners paper published at the end of last year, practitioners can learn about the challenges for police in dealing with the growing trend of distrust of institutions which may in some cases lead to violent extremism. The paper provides insights for practitioners on the nature and scale of the threat, the role of police in tackling mass violent extremist protests and conspiracy narratives.

You can read the paper in full here

Upcoming events

Stay tuned to the Calendar page on the RAN Practitioners websitefor more updates on meetings which will take place in 2023.


Managing the Needs of Child Returnees

This paper provides an overview of the French approach to the management and reintegration of child returnees, outlining the different actors involved and the challenges encountered so far. The paper also provides a summary of the approaches and measures in place in the Western Balkans region, including an analysis of the differences and similarities to the French setup and the gaps and good practices identified by the attending practitioners.

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Online Radicalisation in the Western Balkans: Trends and Responses

This paper provides an overview of the online radicalisation trends and responses in the Western Balkans, including key narratives, actors, networks and online dissemination strategies. The paper – which provides context on the influence of the online space on radicalisation by looking at the opportunities it offers and dispelling some common myths – also provides an overview of relevant practices to address online vulnerabilities.

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The future and position of local P/CVE strategies and approaches

This paper provides practitioners with insights on the changing landscape and potential options for repositioning local strategies for preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE). The paper provides an overview of the main changes in the extremist landscape and the main challenges for local authorities and practitioners, and outlines approaches which can be taken to address the challenges.

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24 OCTOBER 2023
RAN Practitioners Update 114 | October 2023
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