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RAN Practitioners Update 110 | May 2023

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In this edition of the RAN Practitioners Update we take a look at the important work of the police and law enforcement in preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) – to do this we feature the latest edition of the RAN Practitioners Spotlight publication. We also provide an update on the RAN Practitioners website, ask practitioners to complete a survey about current EU-funded projects and highlight some of the latest recently published papers.



Good practices


We would like to ask members of the RAN Practitioners network to help us to identify a wide range of current EU-funded projects which address many different aspects of P/CVE. The goal of this survey is to identify, select and disseminate project insights, outputs and results – including relevant studies, reports, tools and methodologies – among the network and beyond. Selected projects will be showcased in future editions of the RAN Practitioners Update.

You can access and complete the survey here

The 4R Network will deliver a series of member-exclusive sessions, including: 16 General knowledge sessions aimed at advancing the creation of new, transdisciplinary insights regarding the rehabilitation and reintegration of violent extremist offenders, and 10 Specialised knowledge sessions (online) aimed at enhancing knowledge on how to deal with the psychological or physical effects of trauma and stress.


You can find more information here


Upcoming Events

Stay tuned to the Calendar page on the RAN Practitioners website for more updates on meetings which will take place in 2023.


Approaches to addressing antisemitism in European P/CVE

A paper, published by RAN Practitioners in March 2023, summarises the problem antisemitism poses within the EU, and why it presents a challenge for P/CVE programmes. The paper also provides an overview and categorisation of various P/CVE approaches and programmes that either primarily address antisemitism or form part of larger P/CVE programmes with a focus on antisemitism.

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Dealing with extremism in an educational environment in the Western Balkans

A recent paper provides a set of guidelines and practical tips for teachers in addressing students who are exposed to extremist ideologies in a school environment. The paper presents methods for handling sensitive topics and provides information on existing models that aim to foster critical thinking and positive dialogue between teachers and students, focusing on sensitive topics concerning violent extremism in the region.

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Contact us

RAN Practitioners is implemented by RadarEurope, which is a subsidiary of the RadarGroup:

  • Phone: +31 (0)20 468 06 08 (office)
  • E-Mail: ranatradareurope [dot] nl (ran[at]radareurope[dot]nl)

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15 MAY 2023
RAN Practitioners Update 110 | May 2023