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RAN Practitioners Update 107 | January 2023 - Special Edition

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In this Special Edition of the RAN Practitioners Update we take a specific look at the RAN YOUNG Platform. As the new year begins, 2023 promises to be a big year for the Platform. With a number of ‘original’ participants of RAN YOUNG transferring to our regular RAN Practitioners Working Groups, we will be looking for the next generation of young people from across the EU to take up the mantle. In this Update therefore, we announce the launch of a new call for participants, we take a look back at some of the work of RAN YOUNG over the past year, and we highlight the role that young people play in preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE).


A network of young practitioners

The RAN YOUNG Platform is a network of young people working to prevent and counter violent extremism (P/CVE). The aim of the platform is to give young people a voice in P/CVE, give them the opportunity to provide a youth to RAN practitioners, and empower them to take action in their communities or field of work. To do this, the RAN YOUNG Platform offers young actors a safe space to exchange views and formulate recommendations both for first-line practitioners and policymakers.

You can read more about the RAN YOUNG Platform, including its events, activities and outputs, here.

Call for participants

RAN Practitioners is announcing an open call for participation in the 2023 RAN YOUNG Platform. The invitation goes out to the next generation of influential first-line practitioners in the field of P/CVE. Young people will get the chance to be part of an international network, expand their knowledge and skills, and most importantly, get their voice heard among practitioners and policymakers. This year, you have a new chance to become a member of this platform.

Concretely, this means that RAN YOUNG members will attend an online and an offline meeting (somewhere in the EU) of the RAN YOUNG platform and (voluntarily) other RAN Practitioners working groups. If you are interested to learn, take action and meet new people by becoming part of our network, please apply by filling out this survey.

More information about the application procedure can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

The ‘Youth Review Panel’

In March 2022, an online workshop was organised where 16 young people – who formed a ‘Youth Review Panel – reviewed three projects from RAN’s Collection of Inspiring Practices. All projects have a young target audience. Providing a young person’s perspective, they identified each practice’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The findings, recommendations and key takeaways from this event have been captured in a paper which you can read in full here.


Engaging and Empowering Young People in P/CVE

A paper, published by RAN Practitioners in 2022, provides insights on how to train and empower young people to formulate project plans in P/CVE. The paper outlines a process for engaging young people in P/CVE project brainstorms and provides a set of recommendations for practitioners who hope to engage and empower young people in P/CVE, which includes encouraging ‘learning-by-doing’, fostering creativity and facilitating collaboration.

Read more

Galvanising youth in combatting online disinformation

A paper, published by RAN Practitioners in 2020, entitled ‘Galvanising youth in combatting online disinformation’, provides insights on the challenges and experiences of young people online; gives a youth perspective on the disinformation challenge; and offers actionable recommendations for practitioners who want to engage young people in strategies for combatting disinformation online.

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Youth Participation in P/CVE for Local Authorities

A paper, published by RAN Practitioners in 2021, provides insights for local authorities on the benefits of working with young people, as well as the challenges that young people face and different approaches that can enhance their efforts. The paper also provides a series of examples of engaging young people.

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