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RAN Practitioners Update 102 | October 2022

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Online radicalisation is becoming an ever-growing challenge for EU Member States, as recent events have shown. Violent extremist organisations continue to adopt and adapt to new digital technologies to radicalise and recruit. As a result, they are increasingly adept at using the internet and social media to target young people on various platforms and channels online. Through various Working Group meetings, webinars and events, this topic has been in sharp focus for RAN Practitioners this year. In this issue of the Update, we take a look at the online radicalisation challenge, through a new film, the latest episode of RAN Reporters, a recently-published paper and an upcoming event.

Online radicalisation


RAN Practitioners organised a cross-cutting event on 27th September in Berlin, that provided the opportunity to discuss and learn more about the online dynamics of violent extremism in daily practice, research, and policy, and what is needed to be even more successful and effective in preventing and countering extremism in the online sphere. Read more about the event here. The conclusions from the meeting will be summarised in a paper which will published on the RAN website in the coming weeks.

Upcoming events

For more information on all planned meetings over the coming months of 2022 please go to the RAN Practitioners website.

Latest Publications

Digital frontrunners: Key challenges and recommendations for online P/CVE work

A recent paper by RAN Practitioners, ‘Digital frontrunners: Key challenges and recommendations for online P/CVE work’, provides insights for practitioners on how to conduct online P/CVE work. The paper converges insights from various Working Group meetings across 2022 to identify remaining challenges and needs for practitioners. The paper provides a set of top tips and ideas to help practitioners to take the next step in their online work.



Violent Right-Wing Extremism in the Western Balkans

A recent paper by RAN Practitioners provides insights for practitioners on the violent right-wing extremism (VRWE) in the Western Balkans. The paper, which aims to integrate and systematise knowledge on VRWE in the region, defines the challenge, describes the risk factors related to it, and provides a set of recommendations for practitioners and policy makers to tackle it.



How to deal with the local impact of online (extremist) activities

A paper produced by RAN Practitioners, following a meeting of the RAN LOCAL Working Group, discusses the local impact of online extremist activities and provides a set of recommendations for local authorities and local P/CVE coordinators for how to develop, coordinate and synergise online and offline interventions. The paper explores the legal challenges involved, the need for monitoring and information sharing, and the importance of digital resilience and media literacy.



Gender-specific approaches in PVE

A paper produced by RAN Practitioners, following a meeting of the RAN Y&E Working Group, provides insights for teachers and youth workers on gender-specific approaches in P/CVE. The paper elaborates on the different challenges, explores the connection between extremism and sexism, and defines the consequences for recruitment. The paper also makes a series of recommendations for how to counter these challenges.


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13 OCTOBER 2022
RAN Practitioners Update 102 | October 2022