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Women without borders is an NGO that is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministries for Social Affairs and Education.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

Terrorist recruiters are successful because their ideologies and actions resonate with youth when they are most vulnerable. At a time with they question the unfairness of the world, or feel alone, unheard or persecuted. SAVE's 'Witness of History' enlightens youth during their formative years to the reality of violent extremist ideologies and alternatives to revenge.

Raw, honest testimony, up close and personal story telling is simply able to reach an audience better than any official speeches and abstract analysis. As victims and survivors, they speak from a position of authenticity, moral authority, and with personal conviction. So the Witness of History films give a human face to the tragic terrorist attacks and create a potent balance to the extremist propaganda.

The personal stories of victims – particularly those who have made a personal journey– those who have become somehow stronger by the experience of grief and loss, those who do not feel vengeance and have something strong and positive to say – help blur the lines between black and white thinking.

They plant a seed of doubt in the thoughts of those who might support violence or lack alternatives. It's a hearts and minds approach, to develop critical thinking as a deterrent against radicalization.


A series of dialogue workshops leads to the production of diverse short video testimonies.

Contact details


Media Tower,
Taborstrasse 1-3,
1020 Vienna, Austria

Contact person: Edit Schlaffer, Founder and Director
Telephone: (+43)-69918587699
Email | Website

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Witness of History
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