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Internet and radicalisationViolent right-wing extremism



U-Turn is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that receives funding from the German Federal Government and the Municipality of Dortmund.

The project is part of the work against extremism and in support of victims of violent right-wing extremism, antisemitism and racism undertaken by BackUp-ComeBack e.V.

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

This practice focuses on reaching out to members of online groups that spread conspiracy theories and/or anti-democracy propaganda (these groups include known members of extremist groups trying to recruit).

The specific target group are members who contribute to the group by sharing content that suggests an affinity for conspiracy theories and/or authoritarian methods. However, their ideology remains vague and is not fully developed.

The aim is to identify underlying personal problems of the targeted group members and build a relationship that offers support but also challenges their views.

The four goals are listed below.

  1. Understanding conspiracy theories (how they work, why they are attractive, how they affect believers and society alike, and how their contradictions can be shown).
  2. Empowerment through support (addressing underlying mental health issues, as well as the integration in social groups beyond the online sphere, and support in dealing with ambiguity and insecurity).
  3. Media literacy by identifying trustworthy sources (who is an expert, understanding conflicts of interest).
  4. Secure and easily accessible online communication by using a new secure communication platform and receiving training in online PVE work.


A handout/handbook for parents and educators regarding online radicalisation, how to recognise radicalisation processes, how to intervene and possible support networks is in the works.

Contact details


Stefanstrasse 2,
44135 Dortmund,

Contact person: Paul Mentz
Telephone: (+49) 231 218 4112
infoatu-turn-do [dot] de (Email) | Website

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22 DECEMBER 2021
(185.07 KB - PDF)