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Migration and Home Affairs
  • Netherlands
Target Audience
  • First responders or practitioners
  • Local community organisations/NGOs
  • Law enforcement officers
key themes association
  • Community engagement/civil society
  • Training
  • 2018


Arq Psychotrauma Expert Group

Is the umbrella organisation of institutions with expertise in the field of psycho trauma in relation to persecution, war, aggression, violence, disasters and other shocking events. The ARQ group contains research and knowledge institutes, a department for diagnostics and treatment, an academy for education and a training and consultant institute.

The ARQ foundation (350+ employees) is the subsidiary holding for the partners in ARQ. ARQ partners contribute to high quality expertise in the domain of psycho trauma through research programs, innovation of treatment and training programmes, standardisation of professional practice and offering specialised consultation.

They have extensive experience with network management, collaborative product development; end-user consultation; supporting victim organisations, realisation of online information and referral centres after disasters; policy recommendations; training; guideline and (online) tool development; evaluation; cross-national policy comparison. Arq is a private company, not financed by the EU. The practice received ISF funding.

Type of Organisation: Foundation

Project description

TERRA is a Europe-wide network-based prevention and learning project, funded by the European Commission, DG Home Affairs. The lead partner is Arq Psychotrauma Expert Group in the Netherlands.

Created using state of the art research and consultations with frontliners, academic experts, victims of terrorism and former extremists, it proposes a community approach designed to address the grievances which form the motivation for radicalisation, identify and halt the progress of an individual on a path to radicalisation, and prevent them from undertaking a terrorist act.

The TERRA Toolkit is primarily intended to support existing or new networks of teachers, youth workers, law enforcement officers, religious leaders and local policy-makers as they exchange information on young people at risk of radicalising, and to come to a weighted judgment on the risks. It also informs journalists and policy-makers on influences they may have on the background factors that lead to radicalisation.

The TERRA Toolkit is aimed at professionals Europe-wide, and addresses all common forms of extremism: right-wing extremism, left-wing extremism, Islamist extremism, separatism and single-issue extremism. One tool – the one for religious leaders – focuses only on Islamist extremism.


The toolkit comprises:

  • a general background document which covers the objectives, presuppositions and starting points, implications for use and implementation;
  • separate tools for each target group with manuals on the indicators of radicalisation and tip sheets;
  • video material showing testimonials from victims of terrorism, former radicals and interviews with representatives of the different target groups.

All can be found on the website

Contact details


Arq Psychotrauma Expert Group
Nienoord 4,
1112 XE Diemen
The Netherlands

Contact person: Magda Rooze MA/MBA
Telephone: (+31) 623 526 239
m [dot] roozeatarq [dot] org (Email) | Website

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TERRA Toolkit