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Nationwide Institute for right-wing extremism and family

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FamiliesEducators/academicsLocal community organisations/NGOs
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Family supportViolent right-wing extremism


The LidiceHaus

The LidiceHaus is an educational and training centre located in the centre of Bremen. Our combined seminar building and guesthouse lies between the river Weser and the lake Werdersee. It provides optimal conditions for the staging of events, conferences and conventions.

The LidiceHaus is named after a small village in the Czech Republic. In 1942, its inhabitants became victims of a brutal act of revenge of the Nazis and the Wehrmacht. Villagers suffered mass murders, deportations and destruction.

What we stand for:

  • Learning from the history of Lidice: for reconciliation and understanding — not forgetting the past.
  • Lidice — the name evinces the memory of the past and serves as a call for reconciliation and understanding at the same time.
  • The Lidice programme promotes solidarity, justice and self-determination.

Our topics:

  • democracy, justice and civil society
  • dealing with conflicts, right-wing extremism and violence
  • identity and lifestyle issues for girls and boys: gender awareness and gender education
  • intercultural and international encounters
  • peace education
  • health awareness, sport and outdoor activity education
  • youth counselling and new media education.

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

The nationwide Institute for right-wing extremism and family provides counselling services for two groups. First is the relatives (parents, children or other close family members) of those who have joined a movement in the area of right-wing extremism or are in danger of doing so.

The second group consists of professionals dealing with right-wing families. second group also receives supervision, coaching and access to a training programme.

In addition, we support districts and regions in setting up parental and family counselling.

Counselling in a family context means that we offer support for professionals dealing with right-wing families. For example, employees in youth welfare services like kindergartens or youth service committees.

Our work revolves around socialisation and family:

  • formation of neo-Nazi affinities in the family system;
  • the contexts of family socialisation and attitude formation;
  • effects of prejudice and discrimination in parental behaviour, and attitude formation in children;
  • neo-Nazi education: socialisation in neo-Nazi parental homes;
  • legal issues in child endangerment, especially when one partner wishes to leave the right-wing environment and custody has to be managed.

Gender and right-wing extremism also features strongly in the institute’s work: gender constructions in neo-Nazi subculture and the importance of internal cohesion.

A chief priority for the nationwide Institute is networking with youth and social work structures. We develop topics for lectures and provide training for professionals (youth welfare services, schools, clubs, communities etc.).

We cooperate with university and state education, and we qualify youth or child care workers in dealing with right-wing families.


We develop topics for lectures and training modules for professionals. The concepts in these lectures can be used by all partners. We have also produced a handbook on standards and best practice in counselling parents or professionals dealing with right-wing families.

Contact details


Fachstelle Rechtsextremismus und Familie,
Postfach 103131,
28031 Bremen

Telephone: 0421/ 69 272 19
Email | Website

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26 MAY 2021
Nationwide Institute for right-wing extremism and family
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