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Migration and Home Affairs
  • United Kingdom
Target Audience
  • Online community
  • Violent extremists
  • Formers
key themes association
  • Alternative and counter narratives
  • Community engagement/civil society
  • 2016


HOPE not hate

HOPE not hate (HNH) is a registered “third party” non-sectarian, nonpartisan organisation. HOPE not hate has a campaigning wing, a research department and a charitable education arm.

HOPE not hate is self-funded by parochial money, charitable trust(s), Trade Union funding and individual donations. If and where possible, HNH undertakes paid work on projects.

We currently have one dozen short term “community organisers” working in communities to strengthen civil and progressive society. HNH receives no government or European funding.

Type of Organisation: Other

Project description

Using intelligent counter narratives to challenge extremism (for instance the #wearethemany hashtag online). Empowering communities to challenge hatred/violent extremism when it presents itself. Provide a positive antidote and diversionary focuses to the extremists' narrative.

To provide accurate and salient analysis of extremist groups through research. Empower communities to tackle myths and inaccuracies through blogging, newspapers, leaflets, meetings, videos, education, speeches, T-shirts etc.

To destabilise extremist campaigns by undermining their credibility with sober, honest and accurate assessments on sensitive issues. Also providing platforms and support for vulnerable individuals to speak up and speak out against extremists in their communities.

As well as a bi-monthly publication, HNH has three separate blogs and roving news links that provide up to date information and intelligence on extremists. HNH also has a large social media presence where we interact with individuals and the public, constantly providing them with a dialogue of information, resources and also-very importantly-positive news and stories about work that is being done not just against extremism, but also to highlight empowering good practice in others.

We feed into this resource by having constant and ongoing research, analysis and education. We also work extensively with people inside hate/extremist organisations and also ex-extremists to provide a non-sensationalist view of extremist groups and individuals that are based on FACT.

HOPE not hate publishes 4 research documents per year, separate to the magazine and website. We are currently working on voter registrations, to encourage people to make their voice heard by voting in elections-a sure way to counter extremism at the ballot box.


HOPE not hate has produced widely reported handbooks and reports into XRW and violent Muslim extremists and in January 2015 released 'State of Hate' our annual and in-depth accurate assessment of the XRW in the UK, which was widely reported around the world. Our staff are regularly quoted and interviewed in the media.

Our most recent documents are:

  • 'Army of the Right' about Britain First, a Christian Fundamentalist /Counter-Jihad /fascist hybrid (!), who have been carrying out 'Mosque invasions' in Britain.
  • 'The Gateway to Terror' An investigation into the recruitment of young Muslims to the Al-Muhajiroun network, recruiting foreign fighters and individuals engaged in acts of domestic terrorism. Gateway to Terror revealed that at least 70 people who have been convicted of terrorism or terror-related offences, or who have actually participated in suicide attacks, have been linked to the group. It drew international attention.
  • 'Signs of Hate 2' An update on the modus operandi of the extreme far-right both domestically and internationally, through exploring symbols, music, tattoos, codes and online activism. Produced in association with the London Probation Service for use in schools, colleges, universities, prisons and the probation service.

Contact details


HOPE not hate
Po Box 67476, NW3 9RF,
London, United Kingdom

Contact person: Matthew Collins
Telephone: (+44) 207 681 8660
Matthewathopenothate [dot] org [dot] uk (Email) | Website

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HOPE not hate