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HelsinkiMissio is a non-governmental organisation providing social services and it was founded in 1883. Its primary task is to seek, find, and help neglected and forgotten citizens and to challenge society to take on their social responsibilities.

HelsinkiMissio aims to offer help where it is most needed, and is therefore keen to develop existing working methods as well as to create new solutions for the changing needs in society.

The Aggredi Program is financed by VEIKKAUS (a Finnish Gaming Company).

Type of Organisation: NGO

Project description

The main goal of the Aggredi programme is to reduce violence or stop it completely on an individual level. Another important objective is to develop working methods for use with community violence offenders.

Aggredi’s client work is structured and therapeutically oriented. It is based on theories on labelling and social constructionism from a perspective of desistance. Working methods are based on dialogical and reflective discussions. 

Aggredi’s work is impartial: individuals meet with workers (no group meetings), and the services are open to all offenders, regardless of their political, ideological, or religious backgrounds. The clients consist mainly of community violence offenders between the ages of 18 and 49 (between 18 and 65 in Pori).

Clients also include: 

  • those planning school or mass killings 
  • gang members and their families (organised crime EXIT), right wing-orientated perpetrators
  • offenders across the spectrum of religious extremism


A handbook was published September 2021 (in Finnish). It may be translated into English.

Contact details



Hämeentie 29
00500 Helsinki,

Contact person: Petri Salakka, Chief of Violence Work
Telephone: +358 414489849
Email | Website

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26 MAY 2021
Aggredi Programme
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