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Migration and Home Affairs


A minor

  • who arrives on the territory of an EU Member unaccompanied by the adult responsible for them by law or by the practice of the EU Member State concerned, and for as long as they are not effectively taken into the care of such a person or
  • who is left unaccompanied after they have entered the territory of the EU Member State.


Art. 2(l) of Directive 2011/95/EU (Recast Qualification Directive)


  • BG: непридружен непълнолетен
  • CS: nezletilý bez doprovodu
  • DE: unbegleiteter Minderjähriger
  • EL: ασυνόδευτος ανήλικος
  • EN: unaccompanied minor
  • ES: menor no acompañado (MENA)
  • ET: saatjata alaealine
  • FI: ilman huoltajaa oleva alaikäinen
  • FR: mineur non accompagné
  • GA: mionaoiseach neamhthionlactha
  • HR: maloljetnik bez pratnje
  • HU: kísérő nélküli kiskorú
  • IT: minore non accompagnato
  • LT: nelydimas nepilnametis
  • LV: nepilngadīgais bez pavadības / nepilngadīga persona bez pavadības
  • MT: Minorenni mhux akkumpanjat
  • NL: alleenstaande minderjarige vreemdeling / niet-begeleide minderjarige (BE)
  • PL: małoletni bez opieki
  • PT: menor não acompanhado
  • RO: minor neînsoţit
  • SK: maloletý bez sprievodu
  • SL: mladoletnik brez spremstva
  • SV: ensamkommande barn
  • NO: enslig mindreårig (b); einsleg mindreårig (n)
  • KA: თანმხლები პირის გარეშე მყოფი არასრულწლოვანი
  • UK: неповнолітній без супроводу
  • HY: առանց ուղեկցության անչափահաս


  • UAM
  • unaccompanied and separated child
  • UASC

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1.There are significant differences between EU Member States with respect to national definitions and recording practices, for instance with regard to the age limit to be considered and whether or not they are unaccompanied.
2. In some (EU Member) States, statistics include all those who claim they are unaccompanied minors (i.e. before an age assessment has confirmed this), whereas other (Member) States only count those recognised as such by a competent authority (i.e. following an age assessment).
3. For further information, see EMN: Policies on Reception, Return and Integration Arrangements for, and numbers of, Unaccompanied Minors – an EU comparative study, 2009. An update of this 2009 study was published in 2015 entitled ‘Policies, practices and data on unaccompanied minors in EU Member States and Norway'.