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Migration and Home Affairs


Every human being aged 18 years and older (unless majority is attained later under the law applicable to the adult).


Derived by EMN from the definition of ‘child’ in EMN Glossary


  • BG: възрастен
  • CS: dospělá osoba
  • DE: Erwachsener
  • EL: ενήλικας
  • EN: adult
  • ES: adulto
  • ET: täisealine / täiskasvanu
  • FI: aikuinen
  • FR: adulte
  • GA: aosach
  • HU: felnőtt
  • IT: adulto / maggiorenne
  • LT: pilnametis
  • LV: pieaugušais
  • MT: Adult(a)
  • NL: volwassene
  • PL: osoba pełnoletnia
  • PT: adulto / maior de idade
  • RO: adult
  • SK: dospelá osoba
  • SL: odrasel
  • SV: vuxen
  • NO: voksen (b); vaksen (n)
  • KA: სრულწლოვანი
  • UK: дорослий

Related Term(s)


Adulthood can be defined in terms of biology, psychological adult development, law, personal character or social status. For the purposes of this glossary, a more legal definition is used.