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Migration and Home Affairs


A consequence of an appeal, which suspends the enforceability of a challenged decision allowing the appellant to remain in a host country pending the outcome.


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  • BG: суспензивен ефект
  • CS: odkladný účinek
  • DE: aufschiebende Wirkung
  • EL: ανασταλτικό αποτέλεσμα
  • EN: suspensive effect
  • ES: efecto suspensivo
  • ET: edasilükkav toime
  • FI: lykkäävä vaikutus
  • FR: effet suspensif
  • GA: éifeacht fionraíochta
  • HR: suspenzivni učinak
  • HU: halasztó hatály
  • IT: effetto sospensivo
  • LT: stabdomasis poveikis
  • LV: atliekošs efekts
  • MT: Posponiment / Sospensjoni bħala konsegwenza (b’effett) ta’
  • NL: schorsende werking
  • PL: skutek zawieszający
  • PT: efeito suspensivo
  • RO: efect suspensiv
  • SK: odkladný účinok
  • SL: suspenzivni učinek /odložilni učinek
  • SV: suspensiv verkan
  • NO: utsettende virkning (b); utsetjande verknad (n)
  • KA: შემაკავებელი ეფექტი
  • UK: призупиняюча дія
  • HY: արգելակող ազդեցություն


  • right to remain pending the examination of an application
  • right to remain pending the decision

Broader Term(s)

  • legal remedy


1. The Directive 2013/32/EU/ (Recast Asylum Procedures Directive) recognises in Art.9 an automatic right of applicants to remain in the Member State, for the sole purpose of the procedure, until the determining authority has made a decision in accordance with the procedures at first instance, and in Art.46(3) – in line with international refugee law and with the jurisprudence of the European Courts – an automatic right of applicants appealing against negative decisions to remain in the territory of the concerned EU Member State.
2. In some circumstances (listed in Art.46(6) of Directive 2013/32/EU), such as decisions considering an application to be manifestly unfounded in accordance with Art.32(2) or unfounded after examination in accordance with Art. 31(8), the suspensive effect of appeal is not automatic. However, the possibility remains to request a court or tribunal for a right to stay, pending the second instance decision (Art.46 (3) of Directive 2013/32/EU).