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Migration and Home Affairs


  • In the global context, the degree or level of persuasiveness of the evidence required in a specific case.
  • In the context of international protection, the degree or level of persuasiveness of the evidence required (as the threshold to be met) by the applicant for international protection in persuading the adjudicators as to the truth of the facts of the claim and when establishing if there is a well-founded fear of persecution.



  • BG: изискване за доказване
  • CS: stav věci, o němž nejsou důvodné pochybnosti
  • DE: Beweisanforderung
  • EL: πρότυπο αποδείξεως
  • EN: standard of proof
  • ES: nivel de prueba
  • ET: tõendamisstandard
  • FI: näyttökynnys
  • FR: niveau de preuve
  • GA: caighdeán cruthúnais
  • HR: standard dokazivanja
  • HU: bizonyítás foka
  • IT: grado di intensità della prova
  • LT: įrodymams keliami reikalavimai
  • LV: pierādījumu kopums
  • MT: standard ta' evidenza
  • NL: bewijsstandaard / bewijsvoeringsnorm
  • PL: standard dowodu
  • PT: nível dos elementos de prova
  • SK: miera dokazovania
  • SL: dokazni standard
  • SV: beviskrav
  • NO: beviskrav
  • KA: მტკიცების სტანდარტი
  • UK: стандарт доказування
  • HY: ապացուցելիության չափանիշ


It is the applicant’s responsibility to prove facts in support of their claim. Facts which need to the 'proved' are those which concern the background and personal experiences of the applicant which purportedly have given rise to fear of persecution and the resultant unwillingness to avail themselves of the protection of the country of origin.