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An operation that is coordinated by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) and involves technical and operational reinforcement being provided by one or more EU Member States under which returnees from one or more EU Member States are returned either on a forced or voluntary basis.


Art. 2(14) of Regulation (EU) No 2016/1624 (European Border and Coast Guard Regulation).


  • BG: операция по връщане
  • CS: návratová operace
  • DE: Rückkehraktion
  • EL: επιχείρηση επαναπατρισμού
  • EN: return operation
  • ES: Operación de retorno
  • ET: tagasisaatmisoperatsioon
  • FI: palauttamisoperaatio
  • FR: opération de retour
  • GA: Oibríocht um fhilleadh
  • HU: visszaküldési művelet
  • IT: operazione di rimpatrio
  • LT: grąžinimo operacija
  • LV: atgriešanas operācija (EU acquis) / izraidīšanas operācija
  • MT: Operazzjoni ta’ ritorn
  • NL: terugkeeroperatie
  • PT: Operação de regresso
  • RO: operațiune de returnare
  • SK: návratová operácia
  • SL: operacija vračanja
  • SV: återvändandeinsats
  • NO: Returoperasjon
  • KA: დაბრუნების ოპერაცია
  • UK: операція з повернення


  • joint return operation
  • JRO

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1. Most EU Member States, CH and NO organise return operations individually at the national level. There is, however, a possibility for two or more countries to organise a joint return operation.
2. According to Art. 28 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/1624 (European Border and Coast Guard Regulation) Frontex shall provide the necessary assistance and either at the request of one or several participating EU Member States or on its own initiative, ensure the coordination or the organisation of joint return operations, including through the chartering of aircraft.