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Migration and Home Affairs


A process to strengthen cooperation in migration management between the European Union (EU) and 19 partner countries to the East (the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe, Türkiye, Russia, Central Asia and Southern Caucasus).


Prague Process Action Plan 2023-2027

Prague Process Ministerial Declaration 2022


  • BG: Пражки процес
  • CS: Pražský proces
  • DE: Prager Prozess
  • EL: Διαδικασία της Πράγας
  • EN: Prague Process
  • ES: Proceso de Praga
  • ET: Praha protsess
  • FI: Prahan prosessi
  • FR: Processus de Prague
  • GA: Próiseas Phrág
  • HU: Prágai Folyamat
  • IT: Processo di Praga
  • LT: Prahos procesas
  • LV: Prāgas process
  • MT: Proċess (Il-) ta’ Praga
  • NL: Praag Proces
  • PL: Proces Praski
  • PT: Processo de Praga
  • RO: Procesul Praga
  • SK: Pražský proces
  • SL: Praški proces
  • SV: Pragprocessen
  • NO: Praha-prosessen


  • Prague Process – Building Migration Partnerships

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1. This process follows a ministerial conference in Prague in April 2009, at the initiative of the CZ in conjunction with HU, SK, PL and RO.
2. Its activities extend across five areas:
(1) combating irregular migration;
(2) readmission, voluntary return and reintegration;
(3) legal migration;
(4) integration; and
(5) migration and development.
The process takes a comprehensive, balanced, pragmatic and operational approach, respecting the rights and human dignity of migrants and their family members, as well as of refugees.
3. For more information, see the website of the Prague Process.